The Penn Consortium of Undergraduate Women includes a wide range of students and staff, faculty and administrators, in our efforts to establish gender equity on campus and beyond. To that end, we have created the Steering Committee and the Executive Membership.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is charged with outlining and executing yearlong PCUW goals in concordance with the PCUW Executive Membership, coordinating and presiding over weekly meetings, deciding issues that are not conclusively settled by normal voting procedures, and liaising with undergraduate women's groups and various administrative and campus wide bodies.

The Executive Membership

The Executive Membership is comprised of the Presidents and Chairs and Coordinators of each undergraduate women's group. It is charged with the joint organization and execution of any number of initiatives, including "Women's Week" and the "Women's Undergraduate Resource Guide," Sharing Our Skills (SOS) Seminars, networking lunches, and the Presidential Women's Forum. Convened weekly, it stands as PCUW's primary think tank.

PCUW Steering 2012-2013

Chair: Lizzy Britton
Vice Chair of University Relations and Community Outreach: Hilary Price
Vice Chair of Fundraising: Iris Zhang
Co-Programming Chair: Tiffany Gomez
Co-Programming Chair: Nicole Grabowski
Publicity Chair: Melissa Schwartz
Communications Chair: Cait Breslin