The acronym PCUW, pronounced "PQ," stands for the Penn Consortium of Undergraduate Women. In this section, you will find our Herstory, our Mission Statement, our Objectives, and our Constitution.

Who knows what women can be when they are finally free to become themselves?
Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique

Our Herstory

Penn's undergraduate women's groups - those dedicated specifically but not exclusively to the institutional advancement of Penn women - once engaged in woefully little collaboration. In November of 2003, then-junior Jennifer Lane sensed that the synergistic potential of these groups might be quite powerful. She undertook the task of inviting each President and Co-Chair to join the Penn Consortium of Undergraduate Women. Thanks to their enthusiasm, we now boast more than twenty members and are a thriving activist force on campus.

Since its inception, the Consortium has organized three annual Women's Weeks with its constituent groups. The first Women's Week in 2004 was entitled "Engendering Unity." In 2005, acclaimed author Naomi Wolfe came to speak about the politics of body image, while in 2006, Gloria Steinem, an influential feminist activist, spoke about the future of feminism in America. For 2007, the Consortium has invited Frances Hesselbein, chairman of the board of governors of the Leader to Leader Institute and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom (the United States of America's highest civilian honor) to be its keynote speaker. In all three years, the women's groups held very successful events of their own, which ranged from a student production of the Vagina Monologues, movie screenings, self-defense workshops, and speaker panels.

In addition to Women's Week, the Consortium has designed, developed, and printed a first-of-its-kind resource guide that caters to the needs and interests of undergraduate women. It is filled with useful information on various problems and situations that female students may need help in addressing, such how to handle sexual harassment by a TA or how to help a friend with an eating disorder. It also contains the biographies of the constituent groups in order to help undergraduate women find others with similar passions. The Consortium was greatly helped by the support from the Trustees' Council of Penn Women.

Steering Biography

Co-Chair - Lizzy Britton
College 2015, Fine Arts & Computer Science | Littleton, MA

I joined PCUW to find a place where I could meet the amazing, diverse women on this campus and help make Penn a space for them to connect, excel, and thrive.

Three words to describe me
tall workaholic mermaid

Favorite quotation
"It is easy to forget how full the world is of people, full to bursting, and each of them imaginable and consistently misimagined." — John Green (Paper Towns)


Talk to me about...
Any and all PCUW questions. Art and or coding. My tea addiction. My hair and how you too can be more colorful. My most recent Netflix binge.

Co-Chair - Cait Breslin
SAS 2015 | Biological Basis of Behavior and Hispanic Studies | Philadelphia, PA

I got involved with the Penn Consortium of Undergraduate Women (PCUW) for several reasons, but there are two that are prominent in my mind. One: because I feel passionate about creating a space for open discussion/planning of events which aim to make the gender inequalities more salient (especially to those who may think we live in a completely egalitarian society which doesn't need change) and actively try to advance the interests of women. Two: I wanted to meet open-minded people on this campus who were also interested in feminism.
/br> Three words to describe me
silly, open-minded, curious

Favorite author
Tie between Gabriel García Márquez and Fyodor Dostoyevsky!

I am 100% sure my Patronus would be a cat.

Talk to me about...
Oh, so many things! I love art, movies, books, poetry, and especially music. The Barnes Foundation and the Philadelphia Museum of Art are two of my favorite places in this city. I love movies and am especially fond of Quentin Tarantino's works! I am a huge Beatles fan and listen to lots of music from the '60s like Bob Dylan, the Doors, the Zombies, the Shirelles, but I also enjoy classical music immensely. I love to read and find that I am particularly moved by the writings of Ezra Pound and Gabriel García Márquez (as mentioned above).

Chair of University Relations and Community Outreach - Megan Yan
College/Wharton, 2017 | Political Science/Undeclared | Derwood, MD

Why not PCUW! PCUW is a great space for fun, friends, and feminism!!! It's so important to have spaces on campus that support women and PCUW is a great hub for students to learn, discuss, and share. I've met some of my closest friends through PCUW and I'm so happy to have a support system I know I can turn to at any time. Everyone's super friendly and welcoming! Also, Women's Center!!!!!! Exclamation points!!!!!!!!!
/br> Three words to describe me
loud, embarrassing, open

Favorite quotation
"...and miles to go before I sleep" - Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, Robert Frost

Celeb Crush(es)
Cristiano Ronaldo, Jeremy Lin, Idris Elba

Talk to me about...
feminism, anything Asian-American, Liverpool FC, any and all TV shows, Nicki Minaj, boybands your friends would categorize as "embarrassing", Marvel, and anything you might need a pep talk in!!!

Chair of Finance - Yessenia (Yessi) Gutierrez
College, 2015 | Biology, Latin American and Latino Studies (LALS) | Miami, FL

It's a great space with the potential to develop female leadership and create a network of intersectional feminists that extends beyond our time at Penn.
/br> Three words to describe me
idealistic, practical, resolute

Favorite author
Oscar Wilde

Celeb Crush
Orlando Bloom. Yes, still. Forever and always.

Talk to me about...
Science fiction, animals, community organizing, good books you recommend, Latin American history and society, marginalized people organizing, ally-ship, the struggle against materialism (related: love of Etsy), watching way too much TV, writing in all forms, intersectional feminism, how your day was =]

Co-Programming Chair - Julia Slater
College, 2017 | English with minors in Sociology and Urban Education | Burbank, CA

The women's center and its groups are wonderful sources of support and development for me, and I love paying that forward by creating safe spaces for growth and discussion.
/br> Three words to describe me
passionate, thoughtful, caffeinated

Favorite authors
Toni Morrison, Jane Austen, F Scott Fitzgerald, Ray Bradbury, Jonathan Franzen, Roxane Gay, and Mary Shelley.

Sea horse (as a species they defy gender norms-look it up!)

Talk to me about...
feminism, education, tumblr, intersectionality, rap movie, folk music, (spoken word) poetry, LA, hiking, movies, books, mental health and self care, or whatever's on your mind.

Co-Programming Chair - Brianna Krejci
College, 2017 | Sociology/Philosophy | Port Washington, WI

I am a part of PCUW because I believe that women's issues are incredibly important to keep at the forefront of conversation both on campus and in this rapidly changing world. I want to unite all women on campus will the goal of creating a safe and supportive network for all.
/br> Three words to describe me
Passionate, honest, and witty

Favorite author
Toss up between Jane Austen and Barbara Kinsgsolver

Celeb crush
Mila Kunis
Talk to me about...
Anything! But more specifically, I'd love to chat with you about body image, personal or otherwise, and the vegan diet. Or Matt Nathanson.

Communications Chair - Lisvet Luceno
College, 2015 | Psychology | Naples, FL

After three years at Penn, I felt I had lost touch with my feminist identity. Though I joined PCUW to tap back into a side of me I had lost, I ended up finding so much more. This group of intelligent, empowered, and beauty women will absolutely rock your world!
/br> Three words to describe me
#Diva, Cuddly, Passionate

Favorite quotation
"En la lucha" ("In the fight") -My dad's response to "How are you?"

Celeb crush
Sofia Vergara

Talk to me about...
Salsa dancing, Non gender binary conforming bodies in scientific research, Malteses/puppies

Marketing Chair - Ishita Batra
College, 2017 | Economics and Computer Science | New Delhi, India

I joined PCUW because I felt like I could learn a lot from its other Board members and constituents. It has indeed helped me see the world differently and think about (and act on) women’s issues in a way that I hadn’t done before.
Three words to describe me

books, dogs, happiness

Favourite quotation
"Things aren't always as you imagined. Sometimes, they're even better." -What A Girl Wants


Talk to me about...
anything that's on your mind! And also dogs, interculturalism, your favourite book, dessert, Harry Potter, Bollywood, animal welfare, education, sustainability. And feminism (obviously).

Our Mission Statement

The Penn Consortium of Undergraduate Women seeks to enact the systemic change necessary for the unbridled self-actualization of PennÕs female students, faculty, and staff. We will always do our part to establish the institutional infrastructure within which women are empowered to reach their potential. We will take gender equity seriously, and will welcome the day that women ascend their own personal and professional ladders free of self-doubt and full of self-esteem.

Our Objectives

  1. To serve as a liaison between undergraduate women and undergraduate women's groups, and Penn's staff, faculty, and administration.
  2. To empower undergraduate women's groups to effectively fulfill their respective missions.
  3. To collectively advocate for gender equity at Penn, in all sectors and at all levels, through heightening consciousness of women's issues, affairs, resources, and history.

Our Constitution

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2013-2014 Board Application

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Core Values

The following quotes substantiate PCUW's five core values:

  1. We work together to reach common goals

  2. We Work for Education, Enrichment, Empowerment, and Equity

  3. We Take Responsibility for Our Collective Statements and Actions

  4. We Share Our Skills, Knowledge, and Resources

  5. We Believe In Ourselves and Our Capabilities